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  • Hello, I service aquariums and often come across troublesome chillers! If you would be interested in repairing them and I could pay you that would be great! I currently have a 1/4 hp current usa chiller that has lost all power,... digital screen was half out for years,.. now it doesn't even click on to chill,... is there hope for this guy?

    Give me a text or call, would love to chat and get your number for the future... maybe get this one fixed too!

    i have a ? i have a 24 gal nano. what would u recommend for a water change schedule, i have a big bioload- 7 fish and lots of soft corals, 1 clam and 2 lps corals. i currently do a water change once every 3-4 weeks at 5 gals. and top of with r/o, keep close eye on salanity and kh, mag, and cal. new at this had tank running since july and the 2 major reef shops that i go 2 tell me do 10-15% w/c once a month. i like to know what u recommend. thanks

    I have a 1/10hp AquaEuro and a 34 gallon nano. Temp goes up to 86 during the day. I just installed my chiller today. I had used this chiller for close to a year, then a year ago, the pump broke while I was on vacation. I stopped using it after that. I reinstalled it today, but it's not cooling very well. I got a new pump that is more pwerful than the one I was using before. It's 600GPH and the chiller is rated for 400-700. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Monti -

    Jim, weren't you & I going to hook up on some Purple monti frags??

    I have this great spot and I could use a nice piece.
    thats cool Ryan , im sure he will like it allot, it will be better for him to learn on a real instrument instead of one bought from a toy store, if taken care of it will last a lifetime, i still have my first guitar and first ibanez thats 18 years old now , its my favorite guitar i payed $170 for it new and i favor it over my $800 ibanez..
    I bought my son the Ibanez starter kit today. He's at Mom's house till tomorrow. Should be a good surprise for him when he gets home. Thanks for your help.
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