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    FS: SCA 120G & Equipment

    Hello, I have the following for sale in 46037. Will not ship anything bulky. All equipment is around years old. The RKL is 3 years old. 1 - Walnut Stand & SCA 120G tank with screen top built in overflow, it is very snug, 1 1/2" hole and 1 1". ----- $700 with Sump & Return Pump & ATO. 1 -...
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    USVI - St. John LF recommendations on snorkeling

    Waterlemon and Haulover North were the best snorkeling when we were there. Get to Haulover early since it is more exposed. Little Lamshore (sp) is supposed to be good as well Make sure to visit Jost for Soggy Dollar & the Indians for snorkeling. Probably some of the best I've been.
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    Retrieving fish from overflow column

    I always pull the drain pipe and hope they take the ride to the sump. This is why I never glue in drain pipes. My flame Wrasse seems to do this weekly.
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    Fiji lodgings/destinations?

    I’d suggest Taveuni or the Yasawas. Most places I had found were all resorts with only onsite dining options. There are not many options that we found to be able to get out and explore. We stayed on Navini Island for our honeymoon. There were 6-14 of us on the island at any given time...
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    LiveAquaria Salt Deal

    Anybody used it?
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    Lighting a 24x24x12 on a budget

    A single Used 150W or 250W MH fixture.
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    LiveAquaria Salt Deal

    This is what I was wondering or if they did a blend of IO & RC.
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    Vacation for 4 weeks - advice

    Biggest thing for me is the ATO and reduce the feedings to half what you do now. Then pray.
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    reefbreeders photon V2 is here.

    How high is everyone running channels 1 and 2?
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    90 Gallon cube SCAquarium Lighting

    32" V2 Reefbreeder or 36" ATI 6 Bulb would be my recommendations. You'll be able to grow anything.
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    Make sure the calibration fluid is up to temperature too! I let mine float in the sump for 15 minutes before checking it.
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    MP60wQD to much for my 135?

    As a reference, I have a MP40QD on a standard 120 and i can power the whole tank with it at 80% on RC.
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    fish, clam some coral

    texted you on the anthias.
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    LF: LiveAquaria Coupon Code

    Code can only be used once a month per person it seems.