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    How old is your oldest fish?

    I have a clown that is 15yrs old. 120g tank that has been continuously running for 15 yrs. Clown was the first fish.
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    Yellow tang - lower stomach not right?

    Your TY looks fine. "œPinched" is bad. That looks normal. My YT lived 14yrs. However I have lost 2 in QT trying to replace... so sad.
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    Average lifespan of a Ocellaris Clownfish?

    I have a female that is 15yrs old and spawning regularly.
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    filefish vs aptasia

    I had a Bristle Tail FF and it decimated 150+ AP in less than 1 mo... HOWEVER it will also eat Hammers, and any Frog Spawn. I re-homed the FF and it cleaned the next tank as well. Efficient AP predator.
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    It's Sept and you are in GA.... your AC has been running non stop for the last 3mo. AC will pull moisture (humidity) out of the air. This is extra bad if you have a new home that is "œtight". I am in IN and my 120g with 40g sump will loose 2.5g per day in middle of summer (note it will also...
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    Say it ain't so!!! [Tanked has been cancelled]

    They produced MANY tanks that would be impossible to clean. It would be interesting to see how many of the tanks are still up and running... I did hear that they WOULD remove all the fish after the "œreveal tv coverage" so at least they weren't subjecting hundreds of fish to death in an...
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    Tank Stand Design 120gal

    +1 just build a plywood box. Plenty strong if joints are square and bonded.
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    New diamond Goby

    With a Goby you NEED to cover the top of the tank (QT or DT). They are JUMPERS.
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    How do these prefab stands hold up so much weight?

    A properly built plywood stand (box) is plenty strong enough to hold up a tank. All the 2x4 stands are so overbuilt and waste a LOT of space inside the stand.
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    New tank what would you do?

    Depends on the fish you want to house, big Tangs you want the 96 L, no tangs. I would go with the 30 D. Agree with others that both are GREAT size choices. When you setup, picts please.
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    Any ideas?

    +1 regardless of the type of pest nem (Aptasia, Mojano, other) the Vermitid snails (little tubes) are WAY WAY WAY WAY worse... nothing eats them and will cover all your rock....
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    How do I post pictures?

    I use flicker. moved to this service when Photobucket when down the toilet. <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="fullsizeoutput_2cb"><img src=""...
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    75 gallon reef plumbing

    I would search for "Herbie" or "Bean Animal" drain systems. If you dont have room in your overflow to drill (2) drains and (1) return, just run the return up the back and over the top.
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    Tank design advise please

    I hate to be a downer on your plans but I would reconsider that location... You will need to add a header to span the opening above the tank and support the staircase (green). This will make cleaning the top of the tank (red) from the rear difficult from the rear. Honestly I would put the...
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    Getting Back into Reefing

    I would recommend LED as they are much less power hungry. Also produce less HEAT and that will help in the summer in CA. Powerwashing the LR is fine. Place in tank THEN add the sand. I would run skimmer from day 1. I would recommend you give the tank at least 60 days or so to fully...