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    Cheato goes to Mush

    Thanks everyone for your response, will look into it.
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    Cheato goes to Mush

    Hi All, I have Cheato in my sump for about a year, every 2-3 weeks I reduced it by 50% as it grew quite well, I run a lamp on it opposite to the reef lights to help stabilize PH. In the last week the whole ball of Cheato has gone to mush and reduced by quite an amount. Any reason why this has...
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    Viparsprectra 165w ONLY & Acropora

    Hi, For those of you who have the Viparspectra 165w ONLY and are growing Acropora in your tanks. What is the height of the lamp from the water? What are your Channel Settings ? What is your Lamp Times on/off etc.? Thanks Dave
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    Ati Bm 160

    Hi, Has anyone got a ATI Buubble master 160 ? If you have can you tell me what depth of water you run it in please. Thanks Dave