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  • I'd say if water quality isn't an issue, those guys would be fine in a 6' 125, though the black hybrid and gf might outgrow it. I love those black hybrids as well, would be cool to keep one alongside my future black tang (dream fish).
    I'm so jealous! I saw that picture that Kevin posted of the gem on Facebook, too bad I'll never be able to afford one, lol. As for the zebras, I think they look too similar to the convicts. What size tank is it?

    I'm not sure how aggressive this little guy is yet, he's behaved so far but isn't afraid of sticking up for himself. He's the canary in the coal mine so to speak, making sure my fallow period was successful, since I got some corals from tanks that had ich.
    Merry Christmas to you too! Glad to hear Tom's tank is coming along, is he doing reef this time?

    My tanks seem well, first two fish are in the 520 (Asfur angel and powder blue hybrid), testing the waters right now to make sure everything is safe/stable. Excited to pair up my achilles tangs.

    Great to hear about the goldflake, hope he continues to do well! :)

    i saw your favorite fish is Scotts fairy :) I have a rly big specimen in my tank. Do you also have one?
    Water changes, 18g once a month; I run an Avast skimmer, I use carbon & GFO in a BRS dual reactor, I have a small amount of chaeto in the sump. Pretty much that's it.
    What is those supposed to mean?Oh NVM

    Icons? i R teh strate ups lurker yo. Don gots no time 4 teh iconz dog
    Oh and thanks for the friend request, I was lonely. what no icons well I never,
    I dont know if you do Facebook but we started a page "billings and surrounding area salt water enthusiast". I have 2 tanks set up now and would love to buy frags from local people instead of the store.
    Hey been out of the loop for awhile been a crazy last few months. Got a new tank set up. Maybe we could set up a meeting or something. Im trying to start a club in Billings but havent gotten much interest.
    I would love to meet with more reefers around the Montana area. Its hard finding people to get knowledge from and trade with or get parts that are used (on a pretty tight budget)
    Hey im in the billings area as well. Got livestock you would like to get rid of or anything? I have a 75Gal that is pretty new and trying to get started. One of those overflow boxes that you mentioned on the montana thread would good I want to build a sump
    I'm sorry, I can't seem to find your thread- how much were you asking for? and are both the timers in working condition? and last, would you still happen to have the clear plastic casing for the timers? Thanks!
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