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    Accidental Frags for sale

    Where are you located? Any pics?
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    My last birthday present

    Congrats! I'm sure you'll love it
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    Good lfs?

    Another one of these threads? really? search
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    Visiting Orlando

    i'd recommend using the search button, someone comes in here at least once a month with the same question
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    WWC 5th Anniversary Sale

    That's standard WWC fare. Guess a lot of people fall for the hype, still...
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    FS: BGM and Miami Hurricane frags

    beautiful color on these, glws
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    Pic's of our Office Tank - Fish

    All wonderfully done, thanks for sharing !
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    Aquaria Studio

    Or its because you just bumped a 5 yr old thread :fun5:
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    FS: Pair of black ocellaris clowns

    I do believe they are a pair, they have no history of breeding though - if that is what you are asking ?
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    FS: Juvenile Snowflake Eel

    DSC_6220.jpg by InLimbo87, on Flickr $20 picked up, he's about 10" long eats like a pig and is quite active. Just looking to go a different direction with stocking.