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    diy filter socks

    Sorry, this was an old post and I'm not on much anymore. The airline rings worked great. I just used the standard, inexpensive white felt that WalMart use to sell. JoAnn's still sells it. I found out rather quickly that I didn't like having to change them out so I stopped using them...
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    Seagrass dropped blade "control"

    Amphiprion and others, what temp are you running your seagrass tanks at an what lighting over what debth? After I get better lights, I'll have to take you up on the offer to get some grass from you. Maybe a baggie full. Gotta love how that sounds. ;)
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    lighting for a grass bed

    Update: I think I have narrowed it down with your help. How will these compare? three 3' 6500k (11w led=30w reg) 3m=63 lux (specs I was given) vs. 150w mh clip on light, probably 14000k reminders: tank is 24" deep, so probably figure 22-20" of water. I'm wanting to grow seagrasses. It is a...
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    Too BIG of a SUMP??? Is there a such thing?

    Honestly, I think those are small, overpriced sumps. I prefer to buy a used tank and divide it myself. I also have a large rubbermaid container with a deep sand bed and macro that feeds to my sumps return pump. If you can cover the cost of heating, cooling, pumping, etc, I say go as big as...
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    Why no pods?

    There are different types of copepods. Ones that live in the water column and those that live on the rocks. You are most likely to see the "land" dwelling type, usually on the glass at night. They tend to hide from light since it makes them easy prey. A lot of people like to put a pile of...
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    For our kids

    I have a 65g in my classroom. The kids will ask you lots of questions that open the door up to expand on. I have a student each week responsible for doing top-offs, water changes, feeding, and cleaning the glass. I've learned that if you can catch their attenton, they ask you. It is a...
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    Culturing live brine

    Check out brine shrimp direct. Good book is plankton culture manual.
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    lighting for a grass bed

    p.s. I gotta say those showerheads are cool looking. I've been thinkig about a way to install more lighting over the shower and those look sweet.
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    lighting for a grass bed

    Wow! If it will grow sps and lps in 24" of water then it will work for grasses. I can handle getting 3 at that price. How many does your friend have over his tank? I don't know exact par, I just know that many of the grasses tend to be higher light. How do I get a price list for the site?
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    lighting for a grass bed

    I am concerned about the temperature getting too high, but the led tube doesn't look like it will produce enough par at 24". That and I couldn't find a price for comparison. Do you have a link to a price list? The 150w mh is $100. I can't get a chiller, but I can install fans. I'm really...
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    Tinyfish's 20g sea grass tank

    I went to the seagrass talk at MACNA this year and he mentioned that new grasses may lose their blades shortly after being planted. They then concentrate on putting out roots. After a good root system is established they send blades up again. If the tubers on the turtle grass still feel firm...
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    lighting for a grass bed

    So does everyone think 150w mh will do a good job for the grasses at this debth or should I go with a 175 or 250w?
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    Your Ideal tank

    I'd like a big tank, over 200 gallons, and someone else to take care of it. I get to ohh and ahh and none of the headache. I should mention that the person caring for the tank must actually know how, not a wanna-be.
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    Are my rocks too...ahhh....clean?

    Do you have an urchin? They love to eat coraline.
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    lighting for a grass bed

    Looks like they don't have the pendants anymore. I do see a 36" 250w with 2 t5 for $159.