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    Schooling Fish Recommendations

    I've had 6 of these in my tank for about a year. I never see any aggression with each other or towards the tangs I have.
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    Mixing Saltwater

    This. Takes some patience though, which I am not known for. But I have had much better results slowly "sifting" salt in over several minutes rather than dump it in. After that, I try to just have a pump running for a day, surface agitation is not needed. I have also used mixed saltwater...
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    Newbie questions

    Hi and welcome to the site :) Yes, keep powerheads, return and skimmer running all the time. You may choose to briefly stop them during feeding. I never have. If by bleached rock you mean actual bleach, make sure you rinse that rock well. When starting a tank yeah you can add it all and let...
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    How to prevent backflow in drilled tanks?

    I use locline to get it as close to the surface as possible. I also use a check valve run in reverse. It is basically a second outlet I run that is totally above the water line, but pointed down into the tank. But I reverse it so water is blocked, no water ever comes out. But if power is...
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    Looking for reliable canopy fans

    +1 on Noctua fans. Extremely quiet while also being powerful.
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    GHL Mitras Club

    These are 2 of them on my 120. Easily could cover another 6-12 inches in width or length. The tank is since filled and has livestock in it, but have not updated pics. Prior to this, my old tank was the same size and I ran them parallel(opposite of what you see), and the coverage was similar. I...
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    GHL Mitras Club

    2 will work fine. I have 2 over a 120 (48x24x24). As said above, I would run them front to back. But you won't exactly be squeezing coverage from them...they have an amazing spread.
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    Preparing for power failure

    Probably impossible to find for 500 miles around. I doubt you could even find bottled water. The best time to prepare is when you are calm, cool, and collected. Unfortunately now is not the time. I hope people see this storm and imagine it happening to them, because it can. Prepare now, it is...
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    Preparing for power failure

    Well, beer is absolutely the most important thing. But at this point, its more of a learning experience on what to do in the future. Circulation and temperature as stated already are the most important. If that means you sloshing a paddle around the water every hour or so all the better...
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    Newbie - tank cycling questions!

    Most of those "instant cycle" additives are garbage as far as an actual cycle. Some can't hurt, some may help...but they are pretty gimmicky. The curing from the dry and live rock is what will trigger a cycle(mostly the live rock die off). That live rock will help accelerate that cycle, as it...
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    Salifert mixed reagents...ruined?

    Not going to lose sleep :lol: That's what I am hoping, that it will just be slightly less accurate. I would just rather not spend the money waiting on the trident as I have to have others see the colors of these things. I guess I could also re-test now and see how close it is to my last...
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    Salifert mixed reagents...ruined?

    The dye is the powder.
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    Salifert mixed reagents...ruined?

    On my Salifert Calcium test kit, I accidentally put the remaining CA3 after the test into the CA2 bottle, maybe 1/10 a ml into a nealry new kit. Is the kit still ok?
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    Any current Liveaquaria coupon codes?

    Better off waiting for another sale. They had one a couple weeks ago with gift cards, and now the labor day sale. I'd expect one on columbus day, possibly sooner...just check back daily if you can wait a while for a sale.
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    Dry rock and nuisance algae

    I don't think it likely that it would take that long for phosphate to start leeching from the rock. It sounds like that GHA has taken a foot hold and is eating up nutrients before you can detect them. How bad is it? Can you scrape/siphon out it a little at a time and see if you make a dent in...