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    Best anenome for a sps reef

    I'd second the Malu. I'd really think that most other anemones that host clowns will either get too large or have other issues that will cause problems with an sps tank. Just bear in mind that this species of anemone only hosts clarkii's naturally in the wild. That doesn't mean that other clowns...
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    Nem ID please

    great. Looks like you've got maroon clowns which are naturally hosted by this species of anemone. Just give it good light, flow and good water conditions and this anemone will eventually start splitting and producing clones.
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    Nem ID please

    Yes. Entacmea quadricolor. There are a bunch of fancy names for various color varieties out there but they are all the same species.
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    Copperband bloodworm diet

    Have you considered freezing either some mysis or clam with the blackworms? It might give it some of the odor of the blackworms or help the fish associate them as food. . Maybe you could fortify the worms with some like selcon to up the nutritional value. If you have some cluster worms or...
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    Kalk, magnesium sulfate, and magnesium chloride...?????

    If you are dosing magnesium you will likely not have to dose it very often, mainly just to offset very gradual decreases over time. The main difference between magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride are their respective weights. What this translates into is that magnesium sulfate will have a...
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    ID this clown please...

    I am going to guess A. Sebae.
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    malu questions

    I've had a malu and it never wondered at all. The lack of stickiness wouldn't be my primary concern as it shouldn't be wandering in the tank. The first thing I would do is get it to find a permanent placement so it can adapt to your tank. They are sand burrowing anemones and need bright...
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    Re: Difference between blue & townsend angelfish

    I think if I recall correctly the way you tell the difference between the two is the shape of the bars on the body. On the queen they are more curved and on a townshend they are straighter and run almost the full height of the body. There can be a lot of crossbreeding between these angelfish and...
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    can gfo precipitate something

    I've run into this problem before too and I agree with rvela. In my reef I have a gfo reactor and I let the the water pass through a filter sock for a few days to catch particulates from the reactor. This worked for me.
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    Allard's clownfish hosting new LTA...

    Love the Allardi clowns. Very nice specimen. Congrats! Ever going to try and pair it?
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    Brain vs CNS infection in Scribble Angelfish

    Could it be a swim bladder problem? I would not give up on the fish at this point.
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    Coldwater anemone reef

    That is one awesome tank. Not something you see every day. Good work!
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    Chaetodon wiebeli

    I remember one being on LA years ago. There was a brief time they were getting all sorts of strange butterflies in. Can't remember the last time I've seen one for sale.
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    orange and blue clown?

    That clown should have been culled and should never have even left the breeder. That clown has likely had problems since metamorphosis.
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    Chemi pure has been around a long time. All it is activated carbon with a resin in it. It really is not any better than other carbons on the market. Will it remove some impurities that tap water has? Sure but there are a lot of things that it won't remove. Also it is quite expensive for...