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  • I see you haven't been on in a ling time, but in case u return I wanted to say:

    Out of all my researching and what not you said a very simple thing that made my frustrations disappear. "Dig a hole and put the sebae in it and wait for it to stick its foot under a rock" with a photo. Oh what simplicity can do. I kept putting him on rocks, walls, sand but never by a rock like you described. His tips are not colored and im still searching for this answer. But thank you so much.
    I put all the rock and most of the water in a big rubbermaid tote with a powerhead and heater in it. Then I removed the CC taking out whatever critters I could find, rinsed the sand, put it in the tank and added the water and rock back in. One more thing: As I was taking out the rock, I gave it a dip/shake in a 5 gallon bucket of tank water to get out as much gunk as I could before it went into the tote
    Hey Buddy

    I was reading a post from a while back. You mentioned you switched from crushed coral to sand. I have a 125 gallon tank with crushed coral and I am sick of it and want to switch to sand now. How did you get all the cc out? Any tips or lessons you learned when you did it.
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