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    Live rock

    Getting out of the hobby. I have a bunch of live rock. Some with mushrooms and polyps on them. 55 gallon fish tank and sump filled. Also one large star fish and bunch of snails. 150.00 for all. Also white live sand free if you want it. Pickup is in Medford
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    Want to buy an anemone and mushrooms

    Anyone local selling one?
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    WTB a mag 12 locally

    Hey guys does anyone have a mag 12 they want to sell?
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    Selling on Reef Central

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    29 gallon biocube

    Tank and stand. Needs new bulbs 150.00
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    29 gallon biocube

    29 gallon biocube with stand. Tank setup is about 5 years old. It has the stock good but I would suggest upgrading the light. The bulbs will need to be replaced Has live rock that is about 12 years old. Black sand. 150 best offer
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    Designer clownfish

    Thinking about breaking down his tank Also willing to trade him for a mag pump
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    Help with humidity in my basement with fish tank

    Thank you so much. I’m going to have someone come out and measure and tell me what I need. And hopefully get this fixed for once and for all.
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    Help with humidity in my basement with fish tank

    Thank you so much for your help. I’m going to have an exhaust fan installed in the room of the fish tank. I think I need to exhaust the room during the summer. I currently have glass lids on my fish tank. Only the 30 gallon is open but it’s in the cabinet under the 150. I guess it wouldn’t...
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    How to control humidity in fish tank room

    Ugh I’m fitting a big humility problem in my half in half of the ground finished basement. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly helpful. I live on Long Island.