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    Anyone in Morgan Hill or Gilroy (South County)?

    Chris Becerra is the greatest guy you will ever meet in the reef hobby, you want a honest, hardworking, and great integrity reefer on your side like that. Reef Dynasty is the name of the store, and it's going to do very very well as long as Chris is around. He's the best. Also, every single...
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    LF: easy beginner Soft corals

    Looking for easy beginner soft corals for a low maintenance FOWLR tank.. this tank has high nutrients and needs corals that "love dirty water." Please pm me what you got and what you want for it. Thank you in advance.
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    Looking for Kessil 160 and 360 lights

    Looking for Kessil 160 and 360 lights, please pm me what you have and what you would like for it. Thank you.
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    Looking for GSP, Toadstools, etc.

    Looking for GSP, Toadstools, Mushrooms (doesn't have to have a fancy name), and any other easy type corals. Anybody have any for sale? Pm is key. Thank you in advance.
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    FS: equipment and coral

    great seller! honest and trustworthy!
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    LF: Chinese Black Boxes

    Looking for Chinese Black Boxes. Any condition. Please pm, thanks
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    In need of Electrical Advice

    i think it's time to find another place
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    Kessil AP700

    did it sell or do you have another one?
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    In need of Electrical Advice

    how did you blow the breaker?
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    Need a fragger that is willing to work for corals

    Thank you, sorry I do not have acropora available. Still looking for help. Thanks
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    Need a fragger that is willing to work for corals

    Hello, I need help. I have 5 tanks. My corals are overgrown. I need someone to come and help me make frags. Need to bring your own fragging tools and supplies, frag plugs, and super glue gel. I can pay you in coral. Please pm me if this is something you might be interested in. Thank...
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    anyone selling low end euphyllias? not looking for crazy high end stuff.. Thanks
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    Anybody know RoosterTech,??? Is he still around???

    Anybody know RoosterTech? Is he still in the hobby?? Is he still around?? Haven't heard from him in awhile...just want to know if he's ok?