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    Foscam help

    I believe the fi8920W is top one. I have 2 fi8910W cameras. The fi8918W cameras are the older models and the colors are as you know not the greatest.
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    Water changing station questions

    They make translucent 20g barrels. find a couple and use one for fresh SW and the other for old SW. My mixing station is a much larger scale. I have gallon markings both on my new SW 55g barrel, FW/top off 55g barrel and my old SW water container
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    What type of clown do I have?

    Yeah I was leaning to oc.
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    What type of clown do I have?

    What color are the eyes? If they are black, you got a oc. if not you a perc.
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    New TBRC FB Page!

    the website is a .org website
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    New TBRC FB Page!

    what happened to the old one?
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    I need a new return pump what do you use?

    i have a reeflo dart on my 120g. the only thing choking it down is the return lines them selves. and it is super quiet.
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    My spotted mandarin from faois, aka valentine

    nice and healthy i got my spotted mandarin from faois 4+yrs ago. many people have called mine obese and say she is so fat, that she can't swim to the top of the tank. and she eats mysis if put infront of her. just keep them eating.
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    help me identify

    Prolly a pod. Yes, they are good.
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    was nice to go to a meeting

    Good to see you again. I'm confident the fun return.
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    FAOIS selling Ecotech?

    you may be right. but i would double check to see if they are a vendor. yes their prices are very good. for example a eheim auto feeder is $35 there and other places are charging $48 :hmm3:
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    local bulkhead supply?

    sch 40
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    Pairing Clownfish

    yes it's normal,you just got wait it out. they sound to be the right size and age. my black ice pair were cleaning their spot for 7 months before they started to spawn. while my reg O's only did it for a like a week.:headwally:
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    local bulkhead supply?

    McGill.. they don't carry anything like that. if you want to get gate valves, i would order them from mcmaster, savko or grainger. if you want bulkheads just go to fish and other ichthy stuff.
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    Apex sucks!!!

    i have one from the first batch and have had only had one problem with it. the probes were not reading right, so with a little trouble shooting the apex guys found it was the brains going bad. so i sent it out on a firday and had it back by thurs. and with only $60 cost. besides that i have...