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    40 Breeder FTS Thread

    nice tank ^
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    Why is my skimmate green?

    I clean a tank that feeds WAY too much spirulina flake and that's what their skim looks like everyweek.
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    LED Color Aesthetics: The Emperor's got no clothes. Or does he?

    i've got a question or two... i'm in the process of building a 180sps. for lighting this is what i have planned. this is my first led project so i have no experience. 72 xt-e rb 36 xm-l nw 9 xp-e cb 9 3w uv i want to spread them equally on 3 heatsinks. what size heatsinks would be...
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    I need a small reef safe RED fish

    Plectranthias inermis? peacefull, great personality
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    Controller/Electrical question

    ok i've never owned a controller but an apex is in the plans for my new tank/fish-room build. so i dont really know how they hook-up. heres my question...i've got the room all framed up and i'm trying to decide where i am going to need outlets. when using a controller does everything get...
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    Limo Tint

    Can u mag float over it?
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    Labor Day Weekend Sales?

    bump i've been wanting to order a bunch of stuff but have been puting it off, to maybe find a deal this weekend.
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    435 gallon in wall see through easy sps

    nice pics. thats a crown of thorns starfish. they're bad for the reef
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    Looking for pics of Copps' (John Copp.) tanks

    he had (has) a 10g in the kitchen i believe. i'm not sure if its plumbed into the main system or not
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    Adding lyretail anthias

    as long as you dont have a male now you should be fine.
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    Lyretail Anthia

    what kind of fish do you have already? what size tank do you have? how long has it been set up?
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    I Need to get rid of some frags.

    sorry, i dont have any forrest fire's left. i've still got a couple rainbows left and a couple other things.
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    29g AGA build/journal

    the new additions are nice! and that monti is growing fast. +1 looks great
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    Halichoeres biocellatus

    i got one today for $35
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    Frag Collecting Only

    if they control it like the lumber industry, where you hafta replant 2 trees for every 1 you take down it would be the best way to go about it.