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    Innovative Marine 40 Nuvo tank for sale

    Where are you located?
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    FS: 120 Reef Ready & A Few Lights

    You willing to ship the mh/t5 lights?
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    basement to 1st floor pump

    Ben I have an iwaki 30rxlt if your interested
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    Fritz's split-level cave tank build

    Frtiz it looks great this is going to be one great tank
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    FS 40b undrilled

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    red sea berlin triple pass skimmer help I used on of these with a mag 5 when I had one of those skimmers and It worked well
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    Tap ok for a fish only tank? (w/ live rock)

    Mel, This sump is the size of a 55 gal. If you want I can make some measurements
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    Tap ok for a fish only tank? (w/ live rock)

    Mel I have a big wet/dry filter that I used on my 120 fo that I would be willing to sell cheap. If you would like some pics pm me Josh
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    free beer

    I can be there Noon on Sunday. Free Beer? sounds good to me feel free to call me @ 506-2242 Josh
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    drill holes in return line?

    Your going to want to drill a hole just above the water line so in the event of a power outage your return line does not create a siphon draining your tank in the process
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    Does anyone have a hex tank?

    Magdelan, I have a bak pak skimmer i will be getting rid of soon if your looking for a hob
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    Brockport here as well pm me if your looking for anything my tank is coming down in the next few days Josh
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    we have drip

    Gary, If you need anything give me a call or a pm
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    Possible Frags F/S

    Jeff, Pm me your # and I will take a frag of the frogspawn, thanks Josh
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    my one year old 90G tank

    nice tank you could use some different colors in there