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  • What you can do is buy the bio thing they sell at the lfs that cycles ur tank instantly I used it once and it worked fine for me
    Hi im new to Reef Central. I have a 10 gallon nano and this is my first time starting a saltwater thank. My problem is that wow I messed up big time. I went and added a curly que anenome and a hawaiian feather duster to my new nano tank. I thought this thing was cycled, but I guess I was wrong. Well I dont think these two things are doing too well. Do you think I will have to start the cycling process over again after the anemone and tube worm die? My feather duster is just lying on the aquarium sand and its feather head is fall ing off. The curly que is just not doing much at all. I think Im in over my head with the way I have set things up.
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