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    Need a VERY slow-drip gravity driven ATO

    You can buy manual floats. I have the same type of ATO. I actually have about 18 gal of RO/DI in my reserve. I have used this set up for over a year now with no problems. The float is about 20 bucks.
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    Calcium overdose!!!

    My two year old daughter OD'd my tank with calcium while I was out of town. I had a friend come over and do a water change, yea........ don't ask why the wife couldn't. Anyway, about 4-5 days later ALL of my fish, shrimp and clams died. Most of my sps bleached but came back. My softies and lps...
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    Glueing clear tubing to PVC? What do I use?

    Buy a barb fitting that will glue to your PVC and fit in the 5/8". You also need to add a hose clamp.
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    Can LPS eat Cyclop-Eeze?

    Nice buddy!
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    brine shrimp, come from only salt lake

    Never heard that. I'm in Park City now and wil be going to SLC in the morn. I should scoop some out. Who wants some? A buck a pound. Fresh from the nastiest water in the state. I will be hatching my own soon. Lots of people do.
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    Can LPS eat Cyclop-Eeze?

    Same here. My candycanes love it.
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    skimming question

    If it aint broke, don't fix it.
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    Mini brittle stars everywhere

    IMO I like to feed heavy and skim heavy. The stars will let you feed heavy. I wouldn't do this if you don't have a good skimmer. Just bc the food gets eaten doesn't mean there is no waste. JMO I know I'm leaving a lot unsaid. Pick me apart. LOL
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    Copperband and a BTA

    I have had a cbb for a week now. He is about 4-5". He eats everything from feather dusters to sp worms to stuff I can't see. I'm not sure if he has eaten any ap. but that is what I got him for. Just wanted to share.
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    Mini brittle stars everywhere

    Hmm. I have had a lot for a while and have had no problems. Every tank is different. Mine get a litle bigger than a half dollar.
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    What will happen when clams do not get enough light ?

    My clam ate my pink tail trigger when I turned my lights off for a few days for cyno. LOL BTW the pink tale has been with three clams and cleaner shrimp for a long time. That is for a friend who said it can't be done. Knock on wood.
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    wiring gfci to standard outlet

    All I am going to say is Code is Law. I'm not going to pick apart your guys' postings but you should get a pro in there. - Joey Collins, Electrical Contractor
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    I just heard clicking in my sps tank. I can't find it yet. I'll feed with the flow off in a few minutes. Hope he's still hungry. I have had a lot of missing fish in the past. I also saw a bad cut on my sail fin tang. It is on his tail right before his fin. I though it was from my yellow tang.
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    Simple Auto Water Change System

    I always have done smaller weekly water changes. I thought about doing larger monthly changes when I finish my new system. I haven't had any problems but I want to see if I can tell a difference.
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    can my floors support my 180g?

    Yes, it should be fine. The floor joist should be on 16" centers if they are #2 lumber or on 18" centers if the are engineered lumber. If the floors don't fall within these parameters then you may have a problem. You say it is a newer house so I wouldn't worry. The building codes in Colorado...