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    Today is "buy existing tank and move it" day. Help me out please!

    I would strongly consider dealing with the aptasia problem while everything is already broken down. Make new water. Water is ridiculously heavy when you try and move it. Less chance of transferring any water borne problems too. As noted all the "good" stuff is in the rocks etc. Plenty of...
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    How to Nuke a tank?

    if you are really sure about nuking: 1. Drain tank 2. Put rocks in container w/ muriatic acid 3. Get new sand 4. Clean inside of tank/ pumps/ etc with vinegar or small amount of beach 5. Restart. Added benefit of cleaning rocks and potentially removing additional organics from system...
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    1000 Gallon Build- Here we go- Lots of Pictures

    biggest problem I had with turbo's is that they bulldoze stuff. they can knock over coral frags and rockwork, if not secured. I had one in my 50 gal for about 7 years until tank crashed. Kids named him Mr. Big Snail.
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    taricha's Classroom 60 gal experiments

    I had a frogspawn grow to the size of a cantaloupe, and it was great at stinging stuff, so keep that in mind for spacing.
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    6435 Gallon Saltwater Pond Build and smaller 12 ft tank...

    I had a long discussion with one of the people in charge of the lagoon at Discovery Cove in Orlando, which has about 7000+ saltwater fish in an open lagoon. I asked about fish loss due to people, agression etc...biggest problem was a Blue Heron. Nothing deterred the most aggressive one and...
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    something fishy(the store)

    i just lost a new copperband and chromis, but to say it was without cause would be hard to prove. I have also had fish from there that lived for years. When I buy from there, I pretty much only do it when they are on sale, and I understand the risks.
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    What the proper setup with SLR to take CLOSEUPS of Corals

    nice work. consider using a larger f stop (higher number). it will give a greater depth of field (how much of the picture is in focus, front to back) It gives a greater margin of error for focusing, especially on objects like the frogspawn or the SPS that have some depth front to back.
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    something fishy(the store)

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    something fishy(the store)

    i live about 10 mins form the store. It is pretty decent. good selection of fish etc. one negative is NO returns on livestock. That can be costly. They have some good sales. Just had a $2 frag sale, but there can be some pests like aptasia on corals (the rocks they are on). They have 3 or...
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    Modern thoughts on live rock rubble bottom

    no matter how much flow you have, the nature of having anything in the way of the flow ie. rocks, crushed coral, sand, corners of the tank, creates spots where "stuff" settles. The idea is to create a situation where it is easier to get the "stuff" out. lots of small rocks wont make it too...
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    What the proper setup with SLR to take CLOSEUPS of Corals

    1. tripod 2. light 3. macro mode if your camera has it, or suitable marco lens if DSLR. This is assuming you are talking about getting those really nice pictures where the coral fills the whole frame. 4. Turn off pumps and wait a few mins for 'stuff' to settle. 5. Digital zoom is usually...
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    Thoughts on Macro Algae in Display tank

    the only downside is aesthetic/ not wanting algae to cover corals that you have paid good money for. There are some really nice displays with marco. It can be a pain to manage manually, but if you have some grazer's it can be ok.
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    Tank without a CUC ?

    just restarted my 50 with no cleanup crew. I will add some inverts, but not for this purpose, just cause I like them. algae situation seems to be fine.
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    A new lens. Spring has sprung?

    spring?? not in the NE, cold as h-E- double hockey sticks. and Jordan, your portfolio on flik'r is outstanding. good to know my 7D at least has the potential to take some good images.
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    How many crabs in your CUC?

    0 in my 50 gal. My thinking is to only get crabs if you like them or for very specific reasons, like algae control via Emerald crabs. I can't see having 200 crabs in a 125. must be a new tank style, crab dominate. IMHO most "Clean up crews" have way to many animals anyway.