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    other hobbies?

    So in addition to reefing, what are you guys into? I like to mountain bike and I like knives. Here is my latest.
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    Clean Base Rock for sale - OC

    I have some very nice base rock for sale. All rock has been soaked in vinegar and washed repeatedly to remove any phosphates and any trace of algae. I'm selling the one large piece of Tonga Branch for $25 There are two groups of Base Rock pictured. The really large premium pieces are $4 per...
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    adding a rockwall to existing tank

    Did you give it the "Float Test"? I did something similar and when I put it in the tank, the dang thing floated to the top.
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    Wanted: Fish in south OC area

    bump to the top... Still looking for some healthy fish!!
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    Wanted: Fish in south OC area

    Looking for established health fish in south Orange County that eat PELLET Nothing super fancy either... Maybe a yellow tang, perc or a few wrasse
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    New Wireless pumps from Jebao RW-8 & RW-15

    I assume yo mean WP-40s since the MP40 is an ecotech product.
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    New Wireless pumps from Jebao RW-8 & RW-15

    Jebao RW-8 review: First of all, here are some other items I've had to compare it to... Tunze 6025's w/ all the mods, Ecotech MP40s, Jebao WP40. Tank Setup: 150g (48x24x30 tall) The tank has very open rock-work with a built in pond foam and rock scape with a few ledges and foam bottom (ie...
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    ALK Swing when PH maintain within range. Please help!!

    I'm in Missoin Viejo and we have 500 TDS water and even w/ brand new cartridges I can only get down to about 5 TDS.
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    Stock my tank

    Stalking fish is a crime in many states On a serious note though, fire fish, small gobies, chromis.... NO tangs, NO angels (bc of the coral), maybe an anthias but that is a stretch.
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    The AutoAqua Smart ATO is released! - Thoughts?

    Just one more question... The pump is a standard kinda powerhead pump? I ask bc my top-off tank is above my sump and I don't want it to siphon the entire 50g tank into my sump when the pump turns off. That is what I love about the peristalic pumps. Sump/topoff height does not matter...
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    40B Big enough for my 190?

    I use a 40b on my 150 and it works just fine. Actually, the 40b is the common sump for a 150g display, a 90g Fuge and a 50g backup tank. So in essence I have a 40b for almost 300g worth of tanks. There are two "keys" to using a smaller sump though. #1 - Return Pump I've found that...
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    Fish Room Design

    Not sure I have any pics of my fish room, but for water changes here is what I did... It is all based off of a 55g tank, but the vessle you use is up to you. The 55g has one drain bulkhead on it and a standpipe. This drain then splits right away with one line going to the sump and another line...
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    Regenerate your GFO? Guaging interest in "group buy".

    The material is only going to come out to about $2/lb. Cant ship it though bc there are a ton of regulations and safety concerns... So pickup in OC only. From what I've read, 1 cup of GFO needs 1 gallon of 1M solution... quick math... 40g of crystals in 1L of water = 1M solution 3.7 L per...
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    What is the purpose of a Muriatic Acid bath?

    Then do the acid or vinegar bath. Nothing is "live" on it so you aren't killing anything. Just releasing the PO4 etc.
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    Regenerate your GFO? Guaging interest in "group buy".

    Cool... Glad to see someone else wants some. I really don't want to store 50 lbs of a highly caustic substance in my garage. plus, I don't see why more people don't do this. The Lye is cheap... like $2/lb GFO is what, $15 per lb or more? Sounds like you can use the same GFO maybe up...