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  • Jeff got a question for you, have you heard of a site called i placed a order with them because i saw people on here ordering from there. Well i want people to know the place has closed but still taking orders and peoples money but u do not get your order and now theres no real way to contact them. Phony website and phony contact info such as email address and phone number. I called the number and its a old lady thats very upset that her number has been given by this company and shes getting hundreds of calls night and day through out the week. I cant post on here so would you please let people know about this huge scam on all our members that may be trying to order from them.
    Interested on the LR with anemonie does it also include the polys in the pic orange and purple ?
    I heard you may still have some live rock? If so, how much left and what price?
    Hi Pete, I really believe in protein skimmers and think that they are necessary early on. If you moved some rock and sand from the old tank and used the MB7, you may not really see a cycle. I would still keep an eye on things though.

    Hey Jeff,so I used the brightwell aquatics bacteria with the transfer of some of the live rocks and tank has been cycling close to two weeks now,what are your thoughts of protein skimmer? is it really needed? No ammonia spikes yet,just added fish today,they did not seem distress or anything.
    Hi Jeff the tank is getting there,had to change the pump to a snapper. I will use one of the koralia 7 or 8 inside in back of the peninsula to take away any dead spots,possibly just place it on a timer. The tank is filled and slowly transferring the rocks,here is the difficult part,ran into some plumbing issues underneath. I had to change one of the bulkheads because it was leaking,but its alright now and cant wait to fully cycle the tank and add some new residents. I just placed a filter sock in the sump to catch the sand dirt since I did not wash it but the water is clear now and thanks to you guys that my dream of an upgrade came through,cant wait to have a tank showing party soon:)
    Hi Jeff,so its time to pick up the tank,we talked about the 13th which is this weekend,LMK if its alright. I would possible have four guys so you would make five Jeff,is that enough guys. I will bring my brother in laws odyssey and you said that we could use your van right Jeff?
    What is your location. I will be on north side today .. I was wondering if I could stop by and buy some frags. Please let me know.
    Hi Jeff I would like to ask if you use vinegar for the kalk / calcium in order to desolve the powder faster before you put it in your top off. Thank you in advance..
    ? dont know much about this new friend function but yes your always welcome over at my place.

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