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    some help

    The clown GOBY will not outgrow the tank. I think people saw "clown" and ignored the 'goby'. You should be fine with the clown goby, and shrimp/goby pair. Do you have a pretty deep sandbed though? And is the rock on the bottom of the tank? If not, the shrimp may burrow under the rock and cause...
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    Saw a bowfront at petco with a mirrored back...

    Herps=Reptiles. Agreed though, mirrored backs would probably stress out the fish...
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    Paul has a couple of pistols in now....
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    how much is too much

    Keep in mind, some of the angels do nip at coral--so check out the general temperment of each type before deciding...
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    AZSB/Paul needs some help...

    New BIG tank being delivered tomorrow, he has a post up here: If anyone is willing to help, please PM me here or Paul at AZFrag, so he knows who to count on... Thanks!
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    wtb: clown pair

    Paul has a pair of Black clowns pairs of the one's you're looking for though.
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    STOLEN from AZ Seabottom

    Like Phil said, he can get them, but doesn't stock them. When did you email him? If it's been a few days, send him a PM on azfrag or call him, he's been having some email server issues, and not all have gone through--I sent him one the other day that didn't make it either.
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    STOLEN from AZ Seabottom

    He has a good one--it will be better in a couple of weeks. The coral display tanks were delivered this weekend, so those systems have to be plumbed and then cycled. I would say by the first of the year he will have an awesome selection. He has a lot of zoa frags/rocks and rics in right now...
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    WTB 40 gallon Breeder

    No problems!! I've researched torts before, just never had the time to get one and keep it properly...any pics of yours?
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    WTB 40 gallon Breeder

    It's probably cheaper to build a tortoise table. Easier to get a proper heat gradient as well.
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    I See You Dgenr8

    Went and looked too, it's a Harlequin Shrimp--so Mr. Shrimp is having lunch...or dinner.
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    Anyone have any T5 standoffs/endcaps/reflectors for sale/trade?

    Check w/ Paul for the endcaps too, if no one here has them. He just got some in for me a couple of weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure he got extra in.
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    OT, anybody know someone who airbrushes?

    You'd be surprised. Check through some of Emily's pictures and drop by the toy store too--I think the lady from Tennessee is better personally--the detail she has in some of her stuff is great.