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  • Hey Jennifer...noticed your post on NTRC and wanted to let you know our next meeting is March 5th. Check the thread if you're still interested and we can follow up from there!

    Hey, I saw your post about the Vortech mp10, do you still have it available? Please e-mail me at - thanks!!
    Hey Jennifer,

    Are we friends? I haven't figured out this email system.....
    Thanks Linda j.
    hey do you still have the vortech mp10 forsale? If so please let me know as i am interested.
    Think we are.... Hope so. Are you a member of the Middle TN club? Do you know where I can get a Aqua C. Protein Skimmer Cheaply?
    was in europe on vaca. now we're officially friends here.
    well, i'm unsure if i responded correctly.
    so maybe we're not official yet.
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