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  • hello,
    I'm a little surprised because I put up my new mini 180 BBk the past 15 days on my 450L aquarium .. It is immersed in a water level of 25cm.

    It takes me almost nothing like scum and this one is very very unstable. As soon as I fed or if I put my hand in the tank must be ± 5 or 6 hours before it starts to foam properly. I also find that there are a lot of turbulance in the body of the skimmer there are also sometimes very large bubbles, and when they occur are shaking all the skimmer. I also have a lot of micro bubbles that come out of the skimmer.

    Can I please have your opinion, because at the moment I am really disappointed and very worried because my nitrate and phosphate begin to rise and my acros begin to whiten.

    Hi Jeremy, I wanted to know if you find out anything from RE about my replacement pump.
    You said you pm me yesterday .
    Hi Jeremy,

    I'm in the process of upgrading to a 400g setup. Want to minimize external plumbing since I will have lots of space under the 72x48x27 tank. I've been interested in a complete Dreambox filter sump. Has there been any update on available of these in the USA ?

    Eric (Scottsdale, AZ)

    Whan are the speedy 3 130watt and 200 watt dc pumps controlled by 10 v profilux available, specs and cost for us market

    Whan are the speedy 3 130watt and 200 watt dc pumps controlled by 10 v profilux available, specs and cost for us market
    Hi Jeremy, had question about the omega 150, I post a thread just today about it, mine is about five days old on a new start up system, it's been through the 24 break in with the outlet pipe closed and it over flowed the neck like its so post to for that time.

    Now 3 days later when I open the outlet stand pipe fully it's still over flowing the cup and a very large amount of bubbles are coming out of the outlet pipe, the adjustment nozzle on the pump is closed and its in 7.5-8" of water in the sump.

    Any ideas ?
    Hi jeremy, I am getting back into the reef tank game in the near future. I am a novice with reefs, I saw your post on the LED Comparisons And I am looking for a recommendation. I am purchasing a 75 gallon rimless tank. I really am intrigued by LED lighting, in the past I have had Halide and also t5. I was pretty set on getting 2 radions for this tank (48" long 21 deep) I will be doing softies for the most part but have always wanted to try some sps. With this setup do you think I will be able to? Do you have a recommendation as to what might be better in a similar overall price point? Any information is greatly appreciated!
    Jeremy, which Bubble King do you have in stock ??
    If posible to email: takashi@sementesmaua.com.br
    thanks, Takashi
    Posted a question in your forum can you reply there or should I contact PA thorugh mail with that question?
    Please advise
    Dear Jeremy, do you have rotor of bk 300 deluxe now ? when will you get the parts ? is that 199USD?
    Hey Jeremy,
    I was wondering if t-5 bulb shipping is included with your free shipping over $75 thanksgiving sale?
    hello my name is Sergio, i have owned a super reef octopus xp 2000 for about two years, i have relocated to another place were i no longer have a dedicated equipment room for my aquarium so the tank has been put in the living room all i can say is this is an extremely loud pump it seems to vibrate a lot and its the only thing i can hear from my tank, i don't think its just the usual pump hum... i have searched all forums for adjustments and remedy's but all i can find is that the pump is supposed to be pretty silent.... i don't have my original receipt but i received it as a gift new...what can i do?

    thank you
    Hi Jeremy. I'm planning a 195 custom starphire tank and was wondering if I should look into the Vertex Alpha 200/250 or Bubble King Supermarin 200.

    The tank will be about 95 % SPS with a medium fish stocking list. I'd appreciate any help you could give. Thanks again.
    Hey i see you work for premium aquatics i have been looking at your led strips i have a biocube 29g and was wondering what strips you would recommened i am not trying to keep any sps but i would like to use the light for coral growth i also like the hood on the cube so i would like one that fits in there thanks alot
    Hi Jeremy....

    the new RD4 DC Pumps are now aviable in 120 Volt/60 Hz and saltwaterresistet... Please contact Proline for more Informations and Pricelist.
    The new DC Pumps are very popular here in Germany.....

    best regards...Klaus
    Hi Jeremey,...

    hope, it is okay, i posting a large Reef Tank in your Sponsor Board... please let me now, you have Customers for this and we can make a Special-Deal....
    For Questions from Customers... the Tank in Switzerland cost compledet : 250.000.- Euro.
    Hope, you have Customers for this..

    best regards....Klaus

    Ps... the new DC Pumps now ready for sale... in 120 Volt comming soon in the next 4 weeks. I send Proline the first Samples for testing next Time... Hope, you received any of the Samples....... the most silent Pump on the Market....
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