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  • Hello,

    I saw your post that says you don't ship, but I was wondering if you would be willing to ship a coral to Pennsylvania for a premium/additional fee. I'll pay almost anything for one of the neon green willow toadstools.


    I am interested in buying two Oregon Tort frags. I was wondering if you still had some available. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    Sounds good. I'm in the copper canyon area. Used to have a huge system and online website I sold from but been out of it for 12 years. I was going to put this tank at my work but they denied me, otherwise I would have gotten a larger tank for the home. Will allow me to slowly get back into things. I'll message you when I'm ready. Thanks.
    I'm in murrieta as well, setting up a 20g cube and getting back into the hobby. So keep me posted when you have another sale I'm probably at least a month or so out from corals.
    Hi do you still have a lot of the frags left you posted? Mainly the mushrooms in the second picture. I might be interested in picking up a bunch of frags.
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