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    Tampa Bay Saltwater, time for new blood!

    Checked your website for old times' sake and up at the top of the page, it looks like you might have found some new blood to take over your legacy? Is it true?!? ;-)
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    Using a frag tank as a DT - pros/cons

    I've been keeping a 12" cube with some live rock, various corals (soft, LPS and some SPS) and a single small fish for a while and really like the compact depth. It makes maintenance so much easier and allows me to keep the lighting reasonable. All of my creatures seems happy so I'd am thinking...
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    Found another Beastie, Good or Bad?

    Certainly not a desirable crab. I'd remove him.
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    If only one fish?

    I have a solitary royal gramma in my biocube 14 filled with live rock and corals. He seems happy enough to make the rockwork his home and his bright purple and yellow color stands out nicely.
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    So thrilled with TBS!!

    Same thing happened to me. He was small, but stuck around the same spot. Then one day disappeared! I had a small cup coral on the back of a rock, so it was hard to see him, but could see his ball tipped arms swinging. I fed him some shrimp one evening and then haven't seen him since. :worried2...
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    Urchin ID, please

    My urchin looks just like that from my TBS rock. It roams the rock eating coralline algae. I do see it try the walls and other surfaces on occasion, but when hungry, it will crew on my rock for sure. I did find a new small one. I wonder if it had a baby... ;-)
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    Pix & ID: Critters that come in your rocks: the good and the bad.

    Nudibranch or slug? Nudibranch or slug? Found this guy skulking around on my orange lettuce sponge using almost perfect camouflage. (please see attachments) Is he good or bad?
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    How Do Online Vendors Show Red Corals? They're Rust Colored in My Tank

    Where did you buy in NEO that you had issues with? I've been mostly buying from Tidal Gardens direct since I live in the area. That way I have a say on the quality of the piece of coral I buy from them. ;-) One I bought that was not part of their monthly online sale needed some TLC to remove...
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    Great TBS experience!

    Those are some nice tunicates and sponges on the LR. I've found my limpet snails eating some of the more interesting sponges, so keep an eye out for those guys. Unfortunately my cool branching and ball sponges have slowly died off. I just have the orange lettuce one left and my tank doesn't...
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    Hitchhiker ID

    I've seen them too, but have noticed that they have started to disappear as well. I am seeing some interesting leafy green (seaweed?) and red macro algae growing, which adds some additional color and dimension to my TBS rock. :-D It's like when the seasons change. I always wonder what else I...
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    Pix & ID: Critters that come in your rocks: the good and the bad.

    Now you have me curious about the 1% that isn't good. :cool:
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    WP-10 too much for a 13G?

    Isn't a 6045 a pretty powerful pump? I'd think a 5 gallon tank would look like a snow globe. Did you have to use the vanes to restrict the output all the way? Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    Pix & ID: Critters that come in your rocks: the good and the bad.

    After some more research :reading:, I found out they are the byssal threads produced by the scallop as it attempts to anchor itself somewhere. Silly little bugger likes to hop around the tank to find the best flow.
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    Pix & ID: Critters that come in your rocks: the good and the bad.

    I hope I can get your help identifying these strange white tendrils growing on my glass and the back wall of my biocube. Two of them have appeared to latch onto the foot of my flame scallop, so I am guessing they are not 'friendly'. Thanks!
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    What kind of worm is this?

    This worm looks nothing like the one I saw on Melev's Reef ( If I said it looked like something, see this site ( and look at the fifth row of the nemertea. It looked a little like that. Here is another...