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  • Not at all...that'd be great! Tell them Jorge Saladrigas from Regis referred you (who knows, maybe they'll cut you some slack). Do you have the same exact tank? If so, you could just give them my measurements as a model (I wonder if they kept the specs on file; that'd be awesome) and they can quote you with that info. I did mine with 3/8 acrylic. The light tilts forward a tiny bit, but barely noticeable. You're more than welcome to come see it if you'd like. They are probably some changes I would make but it'd be tough to explain without actually seeing it. The main change being that I wouldn't necessarily make the inner panel go all the way to the bottom of the tank; that may have been unnecessary.
    J - do you mind if I call Faulkner? I have a client not too far from them that i have to meet with next week... Thx
    I am interested in your chiller. How long was it used? Are you flexible on price? Please let me know. Thank you.

    Are the Brute trash cans still available??? I know its been awhile since u posted this. Thanks, Charlie
    Jorge, can you gimme a call when you get a chance? Id like to check out your setup and am looking for a stand builder as well and I liked what you had. Call me at 3053429597
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