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  • Good to hear your alive. YOu sorta dropped off the radar all summer. The club asks about you at every meeting. You never realize how your missed in an organization. Never the less, maybe sell everything off and get a high end glass curved nano. Those are cool as hell and do not require the ridiculous cost involved. Monstar says Hello, Cavvy and misses seeing you.

    Dont be a damm stranger and show up once in awhile. Sure, its a reef club, but its also a group of good people who wonder why you just disappeared.
    OK, I have come up with 2 related questions.
    1) Are the disks clean or are the rusty.
    2) Along the same line, can you turn the system on and the disk turns.
    I've been told that people who didn't clean the disk when sand or other stuff got in, or that didn't wipe off the disk when they pulled it out of their water system, then end up the the disk getting 'frozen' and when you try and start it up it can screw up the gears or snap the main drive shaft.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a way to back out of buying. If you tell me the disks are clean with no rust and that the system runs when you plug it in and turn it on, then I'm buying it. And if you tell me how I can pay you with PayPal, I'll do it so you can have the money and can ship when you get the chance.

    Thanks again,
    Hey Brian, how goes it?
    I agree with Joe, you need to get your arse out to a meeting :)
    It's been a real good summer on the bike. I'm really wanting to move south. Nancy still isn't totally game for it. I hate it now that it is getting cold again. May be selling every thing off, Nancy is really liking the lower electric and water bills, plus all the other expenses that go in to it.
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