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    Kirk's double in-wall 2 x's 400+ gallon fish room

    Great Build, gotta love that skimmer, Tagging along
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    Aluminum T-Slot Stand

    My last set-up had an Aluminum stand that was wrapped in Plywood, It was nice but I like the clean look of Aluminum but don't wrap it in wood maybe partially wrap in in Alumimun, I know we want to hide the equipment but why not show something, part of the sump. like the fuge and have a port hole...
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    Japanese neon green Toadstool

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    Suggestions/ tips for nano reefs?

    I stand corrected LOL, I did see that the Jebao pump is quite small and it sounds like a very good choice. Also i'm not a fan of the Korallia and on my little 12 JBJ I will not be using a Power Head but will be upgrading my Return Pump to a MJ1200 and using the stock pump in Compartment 1...
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    Suggestions/ tips for nano reefs?

    I think the Jebao would be over kill, yes you can control it but isn't it rather big for a small tank, last thing you want is an over sized pump sitting on the side of a small tank, The Hydor is smallish in Comparison but like I always say to each their own, If you like it then try it.
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    12 jbj

    I'm setting up a 12 JBJ, I've had the tank for awhile. I was thinking about upgrading the lights but can't afford it. There is always something else that needs to be taken care of, Any way I've done some mods to the tank. I upgraded the return pump to a MJ 1200 and put the stock pump in the...
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    Suggestions/ tips for nano reefs?

    You're right about the Clowns, I hate having them in my big tanks mostly because they tend to harass other Corals in the tank, They're great little fish but their are other options, I really like a High Fin Goby/ Pistol Shrimp Combo as well as Snails, Just thought about the Pistol Shrimp. Do...
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    Suggestions/ tips for nano reefs?

    I was thinking about 2 Clowns in my 12 JBJ but actual water volume is more like 7 GL, Do you think that is viable, They don't swim around very much. What do you think?
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    Suggestions/ tips for nano reefs?

    I'm setting up a 12 JBJ and putting in a Algea Turf Scrubber in the middle compartment, Also upgraded the stock pump to a MJ 1200 and took the stock pump and put it in the first compartment down low , drilled a hole in the panel for the outlet for a bit more water movement, Not gonna upgrade the...
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    1x1x1 stocking

    I'm setting up a 12 JBJ, Pretty much 1x1x1, No Sump but still i'm thinking 1 Fish and 1 Shrimp and a CUC, It's all about the Coral The fish are just a small part for me.
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    Bulk Reef Supply Security Breach

    I got a letter from them, only thing is I moved 3 months ago and the letter was in a friends name who lives 600 miles away. It's a scam to drum up business
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    Jbj 6

    I'm gonna see what I can do with the stock lights before I try something else. Just gonna keep some softies and inverts. Snails or hermits. An ATS and water changes that's it Plan on picking up the tank on Friday and see K
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    Japanese neon green Toadstool

    Do they stay relatively small, I'm looking for one for a 6 gallon.
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    JBJ 12 gallon build

    When you say off the charts, Is that low or high, What's your DKH at. Everyone loves a high Calcium Level but If your Calc, Alk and Mag aren't tied in correctly then yes the long term effect of the tank suffers. I would strive for Calc 420-450, Mag 1280-1320, DKH 7-8, If not then I'd do some...
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    JBJ 12 gallon build

    You sure that tank is 12 gallons, mine only holds 6?