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    couple of clam pics

    Bill, Hello! AWESOME pictures! How much is the stud fee for the big gigas??????????????? Jim
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    clams and snails!!??

    Frisco, You can give me zero if you want. My effort was to help not to sell advice on the removal of snails. So please let me know what is wrong with helping, because if that is against the rules I just was not aware of that? P.S. Please check all the facts because I think you owe me an...
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    clams and snails!!??

    Come on Jim - we're trying to give you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to commercial posts but you're not making it easy on us. How many reprieves do you expect to get?
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    do clams need/prefer actinic supplementation?

    Supplement actinic lighting for clams: my clams like it and so do I! Once the 6,500k 400 watt sakis kick off, then the 20,000k 400 watt Ushios kick off, then the 10,000k 65 watt pcs kick off, the 40 watt NO actinics and the 65 watt pc actinics look GREAT after a hard day of sun bathing. Jim
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    Derasa clams

    Doughster4, I have a great one about 2 inches. He is not for sale but trade????? He has been in my show tank now for acouple months sitting right next to my now 17 inch gigas. Since I already have "Scar" and he is growing I would be willing to trade for some type of SPS. Jim
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    Vitamins and clams

    When I direct feed my clams I add 2 drops of selcon. Jim
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    Have you seen me today?

    Bet the farm on maxima! Jim
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    A clam helper?

    Thought this was a good picture. Scar is the clam on the left. Jim
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    Finally I put a crocea in my tank!

    After many years I finally found a crocea that I thought was AWESOME! This is my only crocea in a tank that houses gigas, maximas, squamosas, and derasas. Pictures are thru the glass. Just got him Friday. He is just over 6 inches. He is sitting under a 400 watt Ushio 20,000k bulb. Jim
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    My new Turquoise Tiger!

    Darren, AWESOME! What type of camera are you using? Jim
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    Terra Ferma, is not for a living! But it is fun! Jim
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    Hello all gigas owners! Just wait until those ugly ducklings get 12 inches and bigger. Then their true beauty is unbelieveable. I was lucky yes there was a rather larger shipment of gigas clams into the market. Yeah I have been waiting also over a year too! Now I finnally got some for my...
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    Upgrade lights??

    IMO what you have is not that bad! Jim
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    I keep my 16 inch gigas under a 400 watt MH 6,500k (I still think it is alittle bigger than Minh's!!!) I also keep two 4 inch gigas under 400 watt mh 20,000k and I keep 9 6 inch gigas under 400 watt 10,000ks. All are doing GREAT! But IMO you can kept a gigas under PCs and VHOs and feed them...
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    Calcium donations please!

    I say he weighs about 15 to 20 pounds. Yes I take him out about every other week to check him over for and snails. His new home is uch bigger now. And after afew more years then I can say to my wife I need a 500 gallon for him!!!! Jim