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    H&S Skimmer Club

    Thanks moondoggy! I haven't been on since like 09 I think. Its good to see a lot of the same handles posting and running reefs still! I was going off this quote I read a page back. Glad to hear they're still in business! Cheers, Jim
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    H&S Skimmer Club

    Crazy that Fins Reef closed! I've been out of the game for years but when I left Brian was still hooking it up. Bummer. These are killer skimmers.
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    MARS cursed tank

    Glad to see you got it up and running. Not so glad to see you put a Sohal tang in a tiny little box. I don't know if you know anything about that fish, but basically thats like putting a Bald Eagle in a 2'x2' cage. They can grow up to 24' in the wild and swim in very powerful currents. I...
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    You Reef

    Yes, John uses copper/meds in fish only tanks.
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    Thinking about making a return .......

    Sang, you're crazy man. If you would've just stuck with one tank and dropped all of you're money and time into it you'd have a TOTM by now :p
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    Mark's 180 Starfire upgrade

    :dance: Very nice my friend :) Very nice indeed!
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    Mark's 180 Starfire upgrade

    Is there anyone else out there waiting to see a pic of the Regal in its new home??? :p
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    February's Tank of the Month

    Congrats buddy!
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    Mark's 180 Starfire upgrade

    Don't do it Sang :p Looks nice Mark, although I will maintain that the seam in the previous generation never bothered me :spin3: Hey there Tbone!!!
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    Mark's 180 Starfire upgrade

    Great to see you pal! Tank looks unreal. Always in awe when I come by.... Truly amazing. Cheers, and congrats!
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    Mark's 180 Starfire upgrade

    Man, your collection is ridiculous Mark! Its been so long since I have seen it in person, but my hat is off to you my friend :D Happy Holidays/New Year bud!
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    My Amazing growth Pics - Merry Christmas everyone!

    So cool how fast they all grow! The kids and the color sticks :p Looking good as usual Tim!
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    Show us your sump!

    Mine the night before I took my tank down Great stuff guys :)