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  • Havent started it up yet, not sure if i told ya about my house flooding a few months after i bought it so i put alot of $ into fixing it and fixing the problem so it never happens again!! No snow yet, weather is damn cold tho. Have you got a website up yet or still rocking out the local stores?
    Haha! Had to swap out the Avatar lol, things are going well bro. Just getting a 180g in wall up currently + fixing up the basement. Ill put together a build thread one of these days. Hows the business going? everything still doing well?
    Hey buddy!

    Just wanted to see how everything has been going? been a bit since weve talked!

    Hi Jimmy,

    Sorry not to get back sooner overlooked the message. We have only been licensed to sell cultured coral for 7 weeks now, but have been a wild collector these past 15 years.

    The cultured product is 100% cultured origin, we maintain the brood here and perpetuate from that. I don't have CITES status on the coral farm as yet but can export as the wild fishery is CITES approved at any rate.

    We only have around 20,000ltrs running now producing 4000 corals P/A for the Australian market but have the approval to go to 100,000ltrs. We are putting the expansion into action now all the licencing is through so will have export stock in the future.
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