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  • This link is for the company that sells them direct and has a couple models to choose from. They are an RC Sponsor and have a thread on here discussing there lights. http://www.reefbreeders.com/ These are the exact lights I have on my tank. The leds can be switched out easily if your handy with a soldering iron.

    I have Acans, Zoas, Duncans, Dendros, Rics, Polyps, ect.. All have shown growth results. Some more than others depending on placement in tank as I tend to move things around as I keep stocking. Never burnt or bleached a coral yet because of reading all the info on LEDs of others experiences. Best advice if you go the LED route is to not get excited and crank them all the way up to 100% The lights really don;t need to ever run at 100%. Half in my opinion is more than enough for LPS coral. As for SPS, I don;t know. I may try a coral or two down the road but then SPS take more than just strong light to grow well.

    Good luck and keep informed!
    Hey Jim. I have the Evergrow LED light like the one in the link you gave me from Ebay. I bought mine direct from Sam and Evergrow Lights. Now, they will not sell direct unless you buy 10 or so more units at a time. My unit is about a year old (will be in June) and so far I have had no issues. I have a pretty dominant LPS tank with softies as well. No SPS at all. I can only tell you that this light has grown corals well for me. It is mounted about 8 inches off the top of the water and I run both channels (white and blue) separately on a timer throughout the day. My whites are about 40% and run about 6 to 7 hours max, the blue is at 60% to 70% and I run those for 10 plus hours daily along with LED nightlights I added. (My unit did not have them at the time)
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