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    I'm just complaining

    Thank you. Stinky.
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    I'm just complaining

    After the storm, I lost power for days and the generator was screwy. Dosing got messed up, and my tank took a nose dive. I still haven't gotten it back to normal, I thought I did, but today I came home and a ton more RTN. I'm going to log my losses so some day I can compare to what once was. And...
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    SPS about to touch....

    SPS about to touch.... My red planet grew into my WWC yellow tip, killed the branch and then began encrusting onto it. Then I fragged.
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    Triton results, thou

    If it aint broke...don't fix it? Nice tank :) Even if your Ca test is off, is it consistent? If so not worth tossing it.
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    WTB: Vortech MP40wES

    Let me know if you have one available!! Jon
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    Flow Rate Through My Sump

    You're overthinking this. Buy the biggest pump you can afford and fit, use the biggest plumbing possible, install the plumbing with the least number of angles, then set your skimmer to max. That's it. You don't need to optimize, you won't be correct and you'll drive yourself crazy. The only way...
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    University coral reef lab building an Aiptasia farm

    Agree with carbon dosing + skimmer. Might also consider a remote DSB with sterile materials. I had 5 or so Aiptasia I hit with one round of Aiptasia X. For a week, looked GREAT. On the 6th day, hundreds of the little buggers. I'll never not have a copperband butterfly in my tank again. I...
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    Anyone know what a waffle auction is???

    Isn't this just an illegal raffle?
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    COR Beta Test Update

    Just a quick update: There was a new Fusion build that dropped yesterday that adds COR functionality, if you click on TASKS a new one for the COR pump will be seen. Check it out if interested. This has been a very smooth NSI project so far. The COR pump has worked for me without issue from...
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    COR Beta Test Update

    Sorry, I don't have any experience with the Red Dragon pumps, so I can't make a fair comparison. I don't know what the final pricing will be, but I'm sure it will be a lot cheaper than the Red Dragon ones I found online with a quick Google search. Holy heck, I can't see paying THAT much for a...
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    Neptune Apex ATK (Auto Topoff Kit)

    I'm just over a year with the BRS pump and no issues. It's not maintenance free, I still inspect the tube and make sure it's aligned etc. I have seen that shift on the slower 1.4 ml / min pump. I did have a Jebao peri dosing pump for a while...never again.
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    Neptune Apex ATK (Auto Topoff Kit)

    I dose kalk, and have had umpteen clogs with all of my various ATO's. These are my general thoughts: 1. Any pump I've put in my kalk reservoir has failed early, it's nasty stuff. I've since switched to a BRS ATO peristaltic pump and dose kalk separate from the ATO so the kalk is not in contact...
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    My PH Has my attention...

    While I sort of agree, I don't think they run down to 7.5... I'd question the accuracy of the measurement before I started any interventions, including unplugging the pH probe :)
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    COR Beta Test Update

    Not a problem. Thank's for reading. I looked into this DC pump falloff thing a bit, and I can't find any good data. This is my first DC pump, so I can't speak to it beyond what I've seen to date. I can say though that I'm running this COR-20 around 58% max speed, so I have a bunch of head to...
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    COR Beta Test Update

    I can't say for sure, and it's tough to tell definitively in these kids of conditions. Since I installed the FMM, I have quickly learned that flown is a very dynamic parameter. Sump volume, viscosity, ATO all play into it. That being said, here's a screen shot of my flow as far back as I have...