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  • Hello JMorris,

    There are several types of snails you need, the sand stirrers and the glass/rock cleaners.

    for sand stirring, I recommend nassarius snails. They stay hidden during the day and comes out when food drops nearby. There's also the Xlarge tonga nassarius snails. It's good to mix a few in, your sandbed will be spotless.

    for rocks, get some Trochus Snails, Astrea Snail or Turbo Snail. The large mexican turbos are very effective. But you need to glue your corals down. These large snails can bulldoze through your tank.

    I also get Cerith snails of various size. their shape allows them to fit in all the cracks.

    I like to mix variety of snails and see what lives and reproduces in your tank. don't mix hermits with snails or you will have no snails..

    beside that, I mix in some conch, cowrie and random cool inverts. beside conch, most don't last too long
    Actually I am not up and running yet....but getting ready to install my spectrapure dual reactor in the next several days. I have read from other posts from those who own it, really like....esp that you can control the flow independently.

    My project has gotten delayed a bit with working on my aquascaping. I am gonna tee off my return line, so I need to obtain the proper reducer fittings.
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