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  • I am from Mexico city! I really don't know the place you are telling me, the eje 1... The other one, the market, I do know. It's amazing how much s*** they carry there, but to be honest I dont trust that place too much. I'm really interested in starting a reef system, currently I only have FW tanks, planted and community. Bue I like to do a lot of research beforehand, and I really appreciate any help I can get form this forums. ABout the live rock, I assume you got that in Mixuca market near the airport? Or where do you mean? Thanks a lot for the replies! Saludos!!
    i read you live in Mexico city, so the pet shop was on eje 1 norte near Oriente 168, colonia moctezuma. second section. there is a pharmacy on the corner of the block its on. there is also a taco stand on the sidewalk. please dont tell him were im from because i still get rock from him. you might get a better deal since you dont look like me. also i heard there is a mercado that sells pet stuff cheaper. mercado de mascotas. my father in law that lives there is here now, I will ask him tomarrow about the name and where it is.
    i got the rock in mexico city, near the airport. are you planning on going to mexico city?
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