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  • Hey joe,

    Thanks for the input on this one. I'm struggling. Came home today. Anemone has closed and doesn't look good. Leather toadstool, hammer coral and button coral all look like they are struggling mightily. Most of the other corals, fish and inverts look fine.......I'm scared, things are going to start dying on me. Should I remove the epoxy, water change?

    Any more advice would be appreciated.
    Joe, sorry I havent gotten back to you Im holding the chromis for you the anthea committed suicide by jumping out of the tank. You can have them for free I also have some zoos for you. If you can swing by tomorrow after 6 PM.

    Hey deffiently going to be tearing down the tank so hit me up sometime i wanna offload alot of **** to you
    Joe I sent Paypal of $160 your way yesterday. Let me know tracking number after you ship out Tuesday. Thanks
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