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    How do I stop light from flooding the room

    Hello, I was thinking of building a half hood to sit on top of the 28 gallon, would this be the most practical way of eliminating the light flooding from the halide? <a href=""...
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    Mobius can't find my MP10

    I was able to easily find it using my iPad, my S10 isn't showing anything.
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    Mobius can't find my MP10

    I tried this, still not showing the powerhead.
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    Mobius can't find my MP10

    Hello, I just bought a new MP10 that is mobius compatible but when I enter my tank name in the app the very next page can't find the powerhead, it is on and running. Any idea how to resolve this?
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    JBJ Nanocube MP10

    Hello everyone, where would be a good place for the mp10 on this 28 gallon tank? Pictures are to show my rockwork for placment. Excuse the micro bubbles I just cleaned the skimmer. <a href=""...
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    What led lights in the $500 range for a 28g nanocube

    A mix of lps and sps
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    What led lights in the $500 range for a 28g nanocube

    I'm thinking Aqua Illumination Hydra 32 or two Aqua Illumination Primes. Any other suggestions for a mixed reef will be considered as well. Also a kessil A360 is doable but not sure about the spot light effect.
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    I'd please

    This thing has been living under this rock for about four years, I've never got around to asking what it is till now. It's soft to the touch and has slowly been growing. I can take better photos if I need to.
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    I need help!!

    Is be suspicious that my parents didn't take a few trips back to the fish store while I was in school.....hope not though : )
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    I need help!!

    Most people start out small, then once or if they get the hang of it they go big. A 240 is REALLY BIG. I would be divorced and probably 6 feet under if I had the problems that I've had in my 40 breeder in a 240. Its a learning experience, it's up to you if it's a fun one or not. Just take it...
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    Is there a way to remove silicate without removing phosphate?

    If you have a lot of algae it might be sucking up the phosphates before it shows up in a test. I've been battling green hair algae for years with little to no phospates. In the past two months I've been cracking down on it with more flow, less feedings, smaller and more frequent water changes...
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    Back again, any more ideas, or should I just tap out?

    I see you have changed many things over the years to see what works and what doesn't. Corals don't like change, just something as simple as changing the lights to a different spectrum could stun the growth for a month. I wouldn't ever do a 90% water change unless something was really bad. Get...
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    Missing Anemone!!

    I had my rose crawl under a rock once, he was there a couple weeks before I found him alive and well. It's possible he is down low and got the shrimp crawling under a rock.
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    10 Gallon with natural sunlight

    Here is a couple tank progress pics. Still dealing with diatoms on the rocks and sand other than that I'm happy. The tank shot from today is cloudy because I just cleaned the glass getting ready for a water change.
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    10 Gallon with natural sunlight

    I believe it's calcium, I poured some vinegar in a cup full of sand, it's a slow boil as it dissolves the calcium.