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  • The name of the thread is Gloves under reef discussions. I mentions that I had commuicated with you regarding Mycobacterium, I hope you do not mind. All the MD's I communicated with thought Mycobacterium as well. Replys from posters suggested I was just in this to be noted as a hero or owned a glove company. Makes me wonder why I keep helping people, I do not want anything out of it, but I do not want to get negitive feed back. I answer questions from ear aches to blisters, within the nursing scope of practice and alway refer them to a MD, but non the less my help is not appreciated so therefore I am now discontinuing any response that has a medical aspect to the post. My friend goes home tomarrow on oral Levaquin, the best outcome is all I can hope for. Thank you Cheryl
    Vibrio Vulnificus, I sent you a message but I guess it did not go through. He is doing better now. I thank you for your response. Cheryl Jordan.
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