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    Local School Project

    ReefRocks and CaribSea have both donated to our junior high marine science club (150g reef). It might be worth a shot to send them an e-mail or give them a call to see if they might be able to help with substrate/rocks.
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    Titan aquatics?

    Our 150g at school was donated by Titan. They make a lot of large (1000+ gallon) tanks for aquariums and private holdings all over the country. I don't think you can go wrong with their build quality.
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    Free- green krypto candy cane

    I'd like to grab this for our middle school marine science program, we have 4+ tanks ranging from 30g to 150g. We also have an abundance of GSP, but I'm not sure when I would have time to stop by. Our school is at 7th Ave and Greenway....
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    FS: Reef Setup

    Next in line if it falls through
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    Borrow a Chiller

    Our 150g tank at school is most likely not going to be properly air conditioned in parts of June and most of July. As such, we are likely to need a chiller. Discount had loaned us one, but it worked for a year and sprung a leak. Anyone have a chiller we could borrow for a couple months? Thanks...
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    Fluconazole - Bryopsis Killer

    I noticed three small patches of green cyano in my 29g mixed reef in my classroom that we dosed with fluco for GHA. I also did a quick dose of chemiclean and it disappeared. (We have never used vibrant). Once the GHA and Byropsis is eliminated I'm guessing there is a slightly higher level of...
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    Fluconazole - Bryopsis Killer

    The 29g I dosed has zoas, palys, chalices, cyphastrea, lobos, mushrooms and setosa. Everything looks great. The explanation is that the fluconazole affects a polymer in the cell wall of GHA and Byropsis. Thus it doesn't affect other corals and organisms negatively. It's also an anti-fungal...
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    Fluconazole - Bryopsis Killer

    Day 1 (after a lot of manual removal) Day 6 after dosing
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    Fluconazole - Bryopsis Killer

    So does anyone have three caps left over for our 30 gallon coral tank in my classroom? I can pay if you want to sell them. Thanks
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    HD Video Mountain Sky 30g Reef Tank

    We were able to purchase an Olympus TG-Tracker 4k tough/underwater camcorder thanks to a donation earlier this year. I thought I would dunk it in one of our tanks and try it out today. The videos are pretty bad, but seems to work well. I can't roll up my sleeve on this damn sweater so I couldn't...
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    Who is the local person here that cultures algae?

    I used to culture it in my classroom, but we don't have any cultures going yet this year. I think SaltWater Junkies is culturing some phyto.
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    Thanks, we got in touch.
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    colonial hydroids

    The logic that nothing has happened to you = nothing can happen at all is a fallacy. There are chemical dips that will work without the potential for vaporizing harmful chemicals. Just our input, but don't act like someone offering you good advice is the one ignoring common sense.