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    Clam ID

    Its max or squammy. Its hard to tell unless you can provide a pic of its shell. I wouldn't bother it for any additional pics. A positive ID at this point is going to be very difficult. Let it grow some more and then post a pic in a month or two.
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    Growth cycles or steady growth?

    LOL.. I hear that
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    Any 40breeder SPS tanks out there?

    You really need 2 pendants if you go with mh. I also find it diffcult to distrubute flow. I think I am going to ghetto rig a wavy sea type thing for my tunze.
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    Anyone try the new Tunze or D-D salt?

    So is the tunze salt $230 for a 5lb bag like their $230 algae magnets.
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    NEo Zeo question

    I feed my fish TOO much so that my corals do not bleach out. I was under the impression that this zeolith creates bacterioplankton for the sps. The ammount of fish feces my corals require would decrease therefore I would not need to feed my fish as much which would reduce phosphate.
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    NEo Zeo question

    I do not directly feed my corals. I mainly have the tank for the clams. I am just tired of looking at certain unhealthy corals. There is a correlation between the use of GFO and pinched mantle so I would rather not try it.
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    NEo Zeo question

    I will give you a little history. I have an sps/clam tank. I have a problem with my tank that I just cant seem to fix. I have always had trouble with nutrient balance. I am dosing sugar and feeding more but my corals now have horrible growth and are pale. When I dont dose carbon, I end up with...
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    NEo Zeo question

    Can I run the zeolite media without the other additives?
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    Somebody push me! :)

    Looks great. I would move those clams up a bit thought. They look a little bleached.
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    question about clam

    Not a great idea. It may eventually become stressed by it.
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    What (if any) clams can I keep?

    As long as they are HO-T5's
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    Overextended clam?

    Those are standard NOt5's. The 4x54 will be fine but you would like the 8x better. You would still need to move it up on the rockwork for the 4x54.
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    are these pyramidal snails?

    If you had that many pyramidial snails in your tank that squamosa would be dead.
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    strange maxima?

    Definitely a crocea.