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    120 gallon lighting

    About 4 months ago I decided I was done with my 8 bulb ati sunpower and have since been running 2 XR30 Get 5 Radion Blues and it has been a positive change in every way. impressive spread and shimmer.
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    SBreeflights, aquamaxx or current led?

    it seems common for reefers to buy for what they think they need only to be limited later because they didn't spend a little extra.
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    Bounce mushrooms?

    they definitely get more vivid with age but it also pays to know there are a lot of different variants around these days and some outright imposters. I have a true wwc bounce that is as bright as any coral in my tank and its only 1.5-2" around at the skirt.
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    Need bigger return pump.. Suggestions?

    exactly how I see it too... if it ain't broke don't fix it!
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    Filter Sock

    they do keep free floating debris minimized in the tank but like the above poster said, require that you changed them out and wash them regularly. a skimmer isn't going to do much for mechanical filtration but will help you remove excess nutrients and having one allows a less frequent water...
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    Gyre recommendations needed

    maxspect gyre xf250. I run 2 of them in my 120 and am very happy with the flow
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    Corals Dying

    you have to consider that while your lfs genuinely wants you to succeed, telling their customers to go home empty handed isn't good for business. not to mention, you can't set a clock to how quickly or slowly a system will stabilize which is why you read about people adding coral inside of a...
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    stringy brown algae

    it's not unusual to see a diatom bloom after adding new substrate so that would be my first hunch. however, in my personal experience a sudden shift to the biological balance along with a lack of nutrients is what opened my system to dinoflagellates as well which also appear brown and stringy/slimy.
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    Need feedback on a stand

    my vote isn't in the options. next time around I'm calling a metal fabricator and having them weld up a custom steel stand.
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    chaeto not growing

    zero nutrients isn't doing your chaeto any favours. both macro algae and coral need at least trace nutrients to thrive.
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    Dosing for the first time

    which is interesting if you consider that every company (that I can think of these days) that produces elements for a balling method recommends to dose in even parts. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that do dose in uneven portions but I bet there are just as many that have had...
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    Triton method with Carbon dosing questions

    I have to agree with this. i found it tough to balance my nutrients with carbon dosing and ulns. the carbon began to out compete my feedings and after quickly starving out a few acropora I ended up pulling the plug on running so lean and then eventually carbon dosing in general. the window was...
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    Muriatic Acid.... yea or nay?

    I'm considering muriatic for the same purpose and had one additional question to the great info already posted, it's stored in a plastic container I assume it's safe to measure out using a plastic graduated cylinder?
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    melanurus wrasse and clam

    I have a melanurus and had a maxima clam and he never payed any attention to it. it was my mystery wrasse that was relentless though, in less than a week had it in shreds.
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    RODI UNIT what do i need?

    personally I would ask a reputable ifs what they recommend based on what your tap water tests out to. there is no reason to buy a 6 stage when a simple 4 stage will fit the bill. either way, its a good idea to have a tds meter on the output line on the membrane and one after the last stage of...