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    Red petals in my reef?

    I have new red petals growing in my tank and dont know what it is. Just popped up and multiplied. Thought red algae maybe but never seen any look like that. Can anyone tell me what this is an do i need to get it out. Literally looks like rose petals
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    What is the best canister filter you can buy

    I have 110 gal tank and I am using Rena 3 and its very touchy and not working from time to time. What is in you opinion the best canister filter to have
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    Skimmer for biocube hqi

    Im having a heck of a time finding the right skimmer for my 29 gal hqi. Need some help. Any advice?
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    Power heads Too much power ?

    I put 2 1400 powerheads in my 90 gal tank one on opposites sides to give it a swirl. Seems like a lot but it looks like the fish are having a blast or maybe just getting the crap kicked out them. Is this bad or good or maybe just run 1 ?
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    New fish selection (dream team)

    I have a 90 gal tank w tons of filtration. I'm writing dwn all the fish I would love to have in this tank. Please help me narrow this dwn w your suggestions or tell me I'm crazy for my selection. I have live Rock w reef capability because as my experience grow I plan on moving in that...