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    RapidLed alternative

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have many tanks over a 10 years span and nothing but success with Rapidled. All of those diodes still running to this day. RAPILED only supplies the tools, Its up to the end user and there skill set to complete the project....
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    Considering selling my reef tank...Advice?

    Most people in the hobby do not want a full setup...plain and simple. Where is the fun in that? Your setup is also tailored to your liking.
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    How long do you wait to change water after you change your filter media

    I am going to have to disagree here. Sure in a perfect system, Changing all of these factors will not cause any issues. It has been long term practice for many reefers to alternate changing out new GFO/Carbon. Changing everything at once can strip to much nutrients from the water. I have...
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    Do skimmers need to be level

    Off by one inch? That seems excessive. I would be more worried about the stability factor/safety. What is it sitting on that makes it that un-level?
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    Long spine urchin eating purple gorgonian

    My beloved, now HUGE longspine urchin ( about the size of a softball) was a model citizen in my reef for about a year. He started off about t2 inches across and grew quickly. I woke one morning to see a SPS colony completely wiped out. Could not put my finger on the cause until the next...
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    Oldest led fixture still running?

    My DIY 3w cree setup has been running on my 72 bow since 2008. 10 years! At 8 hours a day that is about 29,000 hours without a single chip or driver failure.
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    Bluespot Jawfish Lethargic in QT

    Good evening all, Some back story: Purchased a BSJF and added to my main display. Did great for a few months. Very active, eating NON STOP. He started to show symptoms of what i think to be BSJF disease ( white, patchy marks). through this he continued to burrow, eat and generally...
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    T5 Lampshade?

    What size tank is that? Maybe someone makes a canopy for it. Would be so much less hassle and you could tweak it to your liking
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    3000 gallon frag system... Alkalinity?

    Agreed, Too much Kalk. If the funds are not available for a skimmer, I would recommend trying to make one yourself. With a system that large I bet you have plenty of parts to tinker with.
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    Whats the deal with Vitamin-C and Zoas?

    I did this a few years ago in my 8 gallon biocube. Had a pretty specific regimen for daily dosing. It can be found on the forum somewhere. I did not see any particular improvement over the coarse of 2 months. Just my personal experience.
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    I got a free dragon eel...

    I saw a thread a few years back regarding the feeding oh ribbon eels. Alot of people had luck by creating a "feeding frenzy" in the tank. Such as taking a live/frozen food with some tongs and simulating a panic situation. Somef eels natural instincts took over at this point. Beautiful animal...
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    DIY 48" LED Array/T-5 Combo Full Spectrum with StormX

    OK, Edited and linked photos from imgur. Let me know if that works ?
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    DIY 48" LED Array/T-5 Combo Full Spectrum with StormX

    Mcgyvr would that be on the IMG or URL link? both? Thanks for your time
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    DIY 48" LED Array/T-5 Combo Full Spectrum with StormX

    aaah, crap- Thats a shame this took a while to put together