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    Very satisfied customer

    So I sent in 2 oooold units for service (one was @10 years old, the other I bought used and had running for 5+). One was totally dead, the other had a shaft that came out - I had attempted to glue it back in with CA glue but I went ahead and put the prop shaft in as well - so the magnet stuck...
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    PAB 6 bar burning outlets

    So I've had ProfiLuxs in various forms for years so a I'm a fan. I'm averaging about one melted socket every few months - the neutral pole. I've a spare bar and replaced sockets and the relays appear to working fine. The source electronic seems fine as well with no blown fuses or otherwise...
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    GHL and Apex dosing pumps and controllers

    Plux user - the stand alone GHL dosers essentially use the PLux software (not as involved, though) but the dosing screens are the same. With a bit more features if you have a Plux. I've a Plux 3 that I bought used 3 years ago that hasn't missed a beat. I'm a fan. The dosers I have are old...
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    No NO3, PO4; dosed KNO3 - GHA explosion

    Well that is a heck of a lot slower than what I did. Might try going much slower.
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    No NO3, PO4; dosed KNO3 - GHA explosion

    Well, that seems reasonable. So what's super slow? dosing enough to raise NO3 1 PPM isn't slow? If it isn't that's fine, just want to be sure I'm on the right page. Annnd...would you then ALSO carbon dose to up the total bacteria load or is all this counter productive?
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    No NO3, PO4; dosed KNO3 - GHA explosion

    Sure. Mixed up 3L bottle KNO3 from a Spectracide container. Mixture supposed to raise my 200Gal system 1 PPM at 8 mL. First dose was 10 mL, with NO3 measured every day. Right after dosing (same day) NO3 was .75 PPM per Red Sea. Each day NO3 decreased until 3 days later it read 0 and I dosed...
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    No NO3, PO4; dosed KNO3 - GHA explosion

    So I tried a KNO3 experiment to get my nitrates up to see if I could color up my SPS. After just short time (few days) the result I had was a GHA explosion where almost none was in my tank present before the dose. It's hung around for a few months now. I've read up on carbon dosing and have...
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    Vermetid Snail Removal

    My population has gone down after having GHA grow a little more...if it ain't worms it's bugs.
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    Dosing Schedule

    As many as you wish. I dose on the hour alternating alk at top of hour (1:00) then CA at bottom of hour (1:30). I tried dosing alk at night to keep Ph consistent (to battle the usual daytime drift upwards) but that seemed to have awful swings along with other stuff. So it was seemed to always...
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    What is your favorite piece of equipment??

    Profilux. Never really thought I'd fill up 3 power bars (18 outlets) but I have. It's amazing what I've been able to do with it over time by adding a bit here and there.
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    Replacement bulb recommendation: 400w Radiums too blue

    So I have 400w Radiums with Luxcore ballast. I think my tank is just too washed-out blue. Pinks and reds are just gone. I've supplemented with aquapink T5's that helped, but not where I want to be. Any recommendations? I'm thinking if I went with any replacements I'd go back with 250's as...
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    Switch to Reef Crystals?

    My beef with RC is that the alk and Ca are much higher than what I keep in my tank. So when I had a stable alk and Ca suppliment schedule when I changed water it changed the parms of the tank. And then when I went to an auto water change schedule I kept having to tweak things. That and the...
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    Reds and warm colors

    I'm more into the full spectrum lights. I like seeing the pinks/reds not being washed out. I went with radiums - found out I don't like 'em. All greens and blues. Washes out pinks/red.
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    Are regular water changes necessary

    Yes, and this is precisely what the balling method takes into account with dosing the third part of elements that do not contain NaCL (part 3). Not saying it's better than CaRX and all that. The point is more around how much to do and how often, and why. I believe I was doing it too much with...