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    FS - Aqua Illuminations LED Vega Color, controller, mount

    interested in mount r u willing to part out?
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    LF: 125 gallon stand

    i have a stand and canopy for sale. what are your dims?
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    25 gallon cube build

    yeah just the very first post. it had the tank pics but no pics after that
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    25 gallon cube build

    no pics showing up
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    Clown pair have me nervous. Help please.

    not sure about the film but my Picasso pair do this at night and in the morning before the lights come on. they host some frog spawn. the frog spawn closes and stays closed till the light come back on so they just hover real close by in the sand. that's my experience hope it helps.
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    Clam growing on a snail????

    pics for sure i gotta see this
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    What the heck is this ugly thing?

    looks like a slug. i have some in my tank, they came on some live rock. they are harmless in my opinion
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    Kick ICK

    i use the stuff and i think its awesome. i got a couple fish from my lfs and they had ich bad treated them and all signs point to clear after a week. could be a freak thing but well see how it goes!