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    WTB Bubble Tip Anenome

    Nanron you have to post price you are selling or you will get dinged.
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    Equipment for sale

    how quiet is the gl*******s setup? i have a non drilled 90 thinking of options for it. ty
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    FS: 40 Gallon Breeder/Sump/Stand bunch of stuff

    I've been busy and slacking, is the 20 gal sump still available?
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    FS: 40 Gallon Breeder/Sump/Stand bunch of stuff

    I'll take the 20L sump. I work in Boca so I can pickup after work one day this week.
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    Anyone up in West Palm area..

    im in lake worth. check out
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    Rbta blow out

    I thought that was about the going price? Unless these were bigger then the small ones usually seen in LFS.
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    How to remove RBTA's

    A credit card usually works too, but powerhead or over bucket is usually all that's needed. Never used ice.
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    Getting Out Of Hobby Sale

    Thanks for the sump pics. I might be interested when your ready dont hold for me, but when rest of stuff is gone let me know if its still available. It's a mighty long drive to coral gables, btu depending on timing might be workable. I still have my tank town from my move and am in process of...
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    Getting Out Of Hobby Sale

    right sides the return to tank? left water from tank and middle skimmer? hard to tell so just checking. whats dimensions of the section with skimmer? Thanks, Jeff
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    Getting Out Of Hobby Sale

    can u post pic of the sump?
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    Anyone in near Boynton Beach with an Apex Display?

    hope you have a full recovery soon canesfan