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  • Hey Jproter,
    We use to buy frags from you and got out of the hobby. Now getting back in. On your skimz SM-161 skimmer. What gl is it rated for and measurements please?
    Sorry Jeff,

    Couldn't figure out how to send photos as PM. I just posted a few photos as a thread. The photos are not the greatest but your corals are doing great.
    I have about 13 SPS colonies total including the 4 I put in the tank from yesterday. Most have been in there for months and all seem to be doing well. *The grape juice frag from yesterday bleached around 1 colony at the tip but it has not progressed, the polyp still seems to be alive and it looks good otherwise.

    The frogskin frags are doing well.

    What am I doing wrong??? :strange:

    Cardiff tank ( highly modified to allow for additional filtration and equipment)
    Radion x30w at full power
    Bubble mag 3+ skimmer
    CPR bio pellet reactor (recently added)
    Coralife thermometer
    9w mini uv sterilizer
    Mp-10 pump on EcoSmart setting at about 50%

    Parameters: (measured this morning)
    Temp 80 degrees
    Ammonia 0
    Phosphates 0
    pH 8.2
    Nitrates 10 ppm
    Carbonate hardness 7 degrees
    Calcium ~500 ppm

    Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

    Sincere thanks,
    Hi Mr. Porter,

    I placed the pearlberry frags and some of the others in my nano tank yesterday and they seemed fine all day yesterday and last night.

    I glued the unmounted frag to a rock about 6 inches below the water surface, about 11 inches from the light. *The other I placed on the sand in full light.

    This morning when looked, everything was doing well except that the pearlberry frags seemed to have some mucus on/around them. *I grabbed a small syringe that I use to blow off and clean my frags and tried to blow off the mucus from the pearlberrys. *It wasn't mucus but the coloring of the corals that blew off in small fragments. *
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