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  • Thanks for the tips Jeff. Old burial grounds fascinate me, we have Native American and pioneer artifacts everywhere around here.
    Sweet, something I forgot to add in the post was that above the wall is a 1 X 4 horizontal across the bottom rafters. They stop at the end of the wall. I was thinking 1 X 8's or 10's across the entire span. Hell I don't know. I also thought about metal 4 X 4's in a rectangle, brace the ceiling and take out the wall. Then brace up the metal on the ceiling and add the legs. Really hate to have any bracing exposed.

    you really think all will be fine if I just knock out the wall? Right now it is a divider between the living room and kitchen. There are cabinets hanging on one side, soon to be moved along with the rest of the kitchen. I'm thinking that is why there are doubled 2 X 4's in the wall, just for cabinet support and not structural. Although there is a double header up top, at least as my stud finder shows.
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