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    About to set up my 300, again...

    So same 'ol story, tank up, then down, years later, up again. I've been reading for a while now, and buying different stuff to get back up and going, wish I wouldn't have sold so much stuff. Since LED's are the thing now, I'm going that way over my halide ballasts. I'm really interested in...
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    Protein skimmer going crazy!

    Either it needed tuned, and you did that... Or your inhabitants are really letting it go. Don't worry about it, let the skimmer do it's job. Have you been adding any additional food that it would be pulling?
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    new to the hobby!

    Congrats on getting into this. You'll soon realize your 40 is about 200 too small. Get ready to open you wallet, it's an addiction.
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    monti broke off

    Sounds like some critter broke it off. Looks like you'll have another monti growing.
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    Recommendations for portable TDS Meter

    One of the filters on your unit should remove chloramines. If you keep your filters changed as needed, you should not have a problem. Straight from Spectrapure: 0.5 micron Carbon Block Pre-Filter with 20,000 ppm-gallons chlorine removal capacity. Our best carbon block Chloramine eater. All...
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    does this stand seem strong enough...

    Tough to tell from the pics. Are the verticals supporting the upper horizontals? How many verticals are there total? Front and back? From the pick that is painted, it appears the verticals support the top and bottom horizontals, can't tell on the other side, or what support you have other...
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    Critique my tank and sump!

    Good night! A plumbers nightmare! Actually, if it works for you, good job. Have you thought about maybe a 55 back there? From the pics looks like you might have room. More water volume the better.
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    Reeflo Orca 200 Skimmer Issue

    I would shut off the flow, given a shut off valve of course. Drain the skimmer as you won't get water everywhere. Open or remove venturi and just soak the living you know what out of the pump with vinegar. If you can, use a medium bristle tooth brush to scrub gunk. Flush a few times and put...
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    rodi storage

    Shot you a PM
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    rodi storage

    It does not hurt for a more thorough mix. If you keep the hose connected, just pull out the end and fill 'er up. I use a mag 3 for mixing in my brute, hose for filling.
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    From stupid to less stupid: tank growth

    Looking very good. If you want to get really wild with rock building, you can drill holes and run acrylic rod or just epoxy them together. I've seen some really wild formations without worry of the rock falling.
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    rodi storage

    Yes, but why not just put in a small powerhead with tubing in your can? Just plug it in and fill your bucket. That way, there is no hole that might possibly leak. The RO/DI will have a float valve if you use one, that's easy to connect to the brute.
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    diy powered siphon

    I'm also for a vid. I seem to be having a tough time wrapping my brain around this.
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    UV caught Fire

    Sounds like you got lucky, or unlucky however you look at it. Any ideas why it torched?
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    New Guy... Help-Ideas!

    Sounds like you scored pretty good! Just something to keep in mind, if you want full light coverage, might add another light to the middle. I would get rid of the glass tops and do a hood, keep heat down. Looks great so far.