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  • Hey Patrick, frags seem to be doing okay. I put my frags on my magnetic eggcrate rack that I have, which I can move around to different heights. I have it about mid level in moderate flow as well. Not sure where I'll place it long term - likely I'll need to put it in moderate flow, but fairly high up and under what I would call strong lighting. I plan on doing some research first. Will leave it where it is temporarily though. Spent the night taking my DSB offline.
    Hey Jordan, Patrick here how's your frags doing that you got from big show the other day? Where did you end up putting your pink Floyd frag? I started mine mid level with moderate flow. Just curious that's all. Take care.
    Hey there i just couldnt help saying how great your tank is. Im from montreal and would love to have an english experienced hobbyest around to chat with from time to time. I respect your tank very much. Maybe swap a few sps frags lol hope to hear from you!

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